Autonity JB Racing Expedition Back Rack for Yamaha MT15 (Black)

Autonity JB Racing Expedition Back Rack for Yamaha MT15 (Black)

Autonity JB Racing Expedition Back Rack for Yamaha MT15 (Black)


Carrying additional luggage on riding can sometimes feel difficult. Carriers are available in the market to cope with this. Do luggage carriers have different variants? Yes, and we have the best for you. Presenting specially designed back rack for Yamaha MT15. This is a simple and stylish rear carrier that lets you carry and mount additional luggage when commuting or when riding long distances. What makes the difference? The design makes all the difference. It neither disturbs your pillion rider nor feels any inconvenience in riding. The product featured here is made with high-grade mild steel.

Main Features

Vehicle Compatibility

Yamaha MT-15 Only

High-Quality Material

High-quality material has been used to make sure the product has a maximum life cycle.

Enhanced Safety

It helps to make the pillion rider feel more safe.

Stylelist Look

Finest finishing for a stylish appearance.

Easy Installation

Easy to install and remove (installation by a professional is recommended).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this back rack compatible with other Yamaha models?

No, this back rack is specifically designed for Yamaha MT15 only.

2. Can I install this back rack by myself?

While it is possible to install it yourself, we recommend professional installation for optimal results.

3. How durable is the product?

The product is made with high-grade mild steel, ensuring maximum durability and a long life cycle.

4. Can I use this back rack for heavy luggage?

Yes, the back rack is designed to securely carry and mount additional luggage, including heavier items.

5. Does the back rack interfere with the pillion rider?

No, the design of the back rack ensures that it does not disturb the pillion rider and provides a comfortable riding experience.


The Autonity JB Racing Expedition Back Rack for Yamaha MT15 (Black) is the perfect solution for carrying additional luggage on your Yamaha MT15. With its stylish design and high-quality material, it offers enhanced safety and a stylish look. The easy installation process ensures convenience for riders. Don’t let the hassle of carrying extra luggage hold you back, get the Autonity JB Racing Expedition Back Rack and enjoy your rides to the fullest.