Bonvoisin Precision Scale 6000gx0.1g: The Perfect Digital Lab Scale for Accurate Measurements

Bonvoisin Precision Scale 6000gx0.1g: The Perfect Digital Lab Scale for Accurate Measurements

Are you tired of inaccurate measurements and unreliable scales? Look no further! Introducing the Bonvoisin Precision Scale 6000gx0.1g, the ultimate solution for all your weighing needs. Whether you are working in a laboratory, an industrial setting, or simply need a reliable kitchen scale, this digital lab scale is the perfect choice.

Accurate and Fast Response

With an upgraded high-sensitivity built-in sensor, the Bonvoisin Precision Scale ensures quick and accurate results every time. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise measurements. The scale also features adjustable feet, a level bubble overload alarm, error indication, and external calibration, further enhancing its accuracy and reliability. Additionally, the non-slip mat design makes it suitable for various weighing environments.

Counting Function

Need to count multiple accessories such as nuts, screws, or jewelry? The Bonvoisin Precision Scale has got you covered. Its counting function allows you to accurately count a large number of small items with ease. Please note that there are new and old models of the counting scale, each with different counting instructions. Refer to the detailed instruction manual and video link for the specific model you have.

Multiple Functions

Aside from weighing and counting, the Bonvoisin electronic balance offers a range of other useful functions. These include tare/zero, units conversion, fault display, and an easy-to-read LCD display. This scale is designed to simplify your weighing tasks and provide you with all the necessary features for efficient measurements.

Units Switch

The Bonvoisin Precision Scale offers a variety of units for your convenience. Depending on the capacity of the counting scale, you can switch between 6 units (g, kg, ct, tl, oz, dwt) or 13 units (g/ ct/ lb/ oz/ dr/ gn/ ozt/ dwt/ MM/ tl.J/ tl.T/ tl.H/ t). This flexibility ensures that you can measure and convert weights according to your specific needs.

CE Certification and Warranty

Rest assured that the Bonvoisin Precision Scale is of the highest quality. It is CE certified, guaranteeing its compliance with European safety standards. Additionally, all our electronic balances come with a one-year warranty and lifelong technical service. If you encounter any quality issues with the product within one year of purchase, simply contact us, and we will provide a free replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I use this scale for weighing jewelry?
  2. A: Absolutely! The Bonvoisin Precision Scale is perfect for weighing jewelry, thanks to its high accuracy and multiple units of measurement.

  3. Q: Is the scale portable?
  4. A: Yes, the Bonvoisin Precision Scale is designed to be portable, making it convenient for various applications.

  5. Q: How do I calibrate the scale?
  6. A: The scale comes with external calibration instructions. Simply follow the steps outlined in the manual for accurate calibration.

  7. Q: Can I use this scale in an industrial setting?
  8. A: Absolutely! The Bonvoisin Precision Scale is suitable for industrial use, thanks to its robust design and accurate measurements.


When it comes to accurate measurements, the Bonvoisin Precision Scale 6000gx0.1g is the ultimate choice. With its advanced features, fast response, and versatile functions, this digital lab scale is perfect for laboratories, industrial settings, and even your kitchen. Say goodbye to unreliable scales and hello to precise measurements with the Bonvoisin Precision Scale.