Kaufman – Personalized Beach Towels for Kids

Kaufman – Personalized Beach Towels for Kids

Kaufman – Personalized Beach Towels for Kids


Are you looking for the perfect beach towel for your kids? Look no further! Kaufman offers personalized beach towels made from 100% absorbent cotton. Our towels are not only practical but also stylish, with custom embroidered names. Let your kids stand out on the beach with their very own personalized towel.

Why Choose Kaufman Beach Towels?

When it comes to beach towels, quality and absorbency are essential. Kaufman beach towels are made from 100% cotton, ensuring maximum absorbency and softness. Our towels are designed to quickly dry your kids after a swim, keeping them comfortable and cozy.

What sets Kaufman apart is our personalization option. Each towel can be custom embroidered with your child’s name, adding a special touch to their beach experience. No more mix-ups or confusion at the beach – your child’s towel will be easily identifiable.

The Mermaid Design

Our Mermaid design is a favorite among kids. The vibrant colors and adorable mermaid embroidery make these towels truly unique. Your child will love showing off their personalized towel to their friends.

The size of our towels, 30” x 60”, is perfect for kids of all ages. Whether they want to wrap themselves up or lay it out on the sand, our towels provide ample space and coverage.

Benefits of Kaufman Beach Towels

  • High-quality 100% absorbent cotton
  • Custom embroidered name for personalization
  • Large size (30” x 60”) for optimal coverage
  • Soft and comfortable for a pleasant beach experience
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Make your child’s beach trips extra special with Kaufman personalized beach towels. Our 100% absorbent cotton towels with custom embroidered names are the perfect combination of quality, style, and personalization. Choose the Mermaid design and let your child shine on the beach. Order your Kaufman beach towel today!