Lyneun Pet Bag – Hand-Free Pet Sling Carrier for Cats and Dogs

Lyneun Pet Bag – Hand-Free Pet Sling Carrier for Cats and Dogs

Lyneun Pet Bag – Hand-Free Pet Sling Carrier for Cats and Dogs


The Lyneun Pet Bag is a revolutionary hand-free pet sling carrier that provides comfort and convenience for both pets and owners. Designed for cats and dogs, this adjustable shoulder strap bag is perfect for walking, traveling, and outdoor adventures.

Safety Hook Design

The safety belt at the zipper pocket of the pet sling can be linked to the pet’s collar, ensuring the safety of your furry friend. This innovative feature helps prevent accidental falling and gives you peace of mind during your outings.

Zipped Pocket

Convenience is key, and the Lyneun Pet Bag understands that. With a zipped pocket, you can store personal items such as snacks, poop bags, wallets, mobile phones, or keys. Choose to hang the pet bag on your left or right shoulder according to your usage habits.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap of the Lyneun Pet Bag can be easily adjusted from 15.7 inches to 33.4 inches, catering to different heights and preferences. The width of the belt is 3.5 inches, providing effective shoulder pain relief even during extended use.

High Quality Materials

Made from machine washable canvas, the Lyneun Pet Bag is durable and long-lasting. The material is colorfast, soft, and breathable, ensuring your pet’s comfort and well-being. It provides a comfortable and skin-friendly shelter for your furry companion.

Universal Use

With a bag diameter of 23 inches and a bag depth of 13 inches, the Lyneun Pet Bag is recommended for small and medium-sized dogs. This puppy carrier sling is versatile and can accompany you and your pet to shopping centers, subways, grocery stores, hospitals, parks, and daily walks. It is the perfect choice for pet owners who love to carry their puppies around.