Vibro Sound Deadener for Cars – 228 mil 1/4″ Waterproof Sound Deadening Mat

Vibro Sound Deadener for Cars – 228 mil 1/4″ Waterproof Sound Deadening Mat

Vibro Sound Deadener for Cars – 228 mil 1/4″ Waterproof Sound Deadening Mat

Are you tired of the rattling noise in your car? Looking for a solution to block noise from outside and improve the sound quality in your vehicle? Look no further! Vibro Solution’s 6mm sound insulator is the perfect choice for you. It is currently the number #1 selling car sound deadening material on the market.

Premium Quality

At Vibro, we take pride in providing top quality products to our customers. Our sound deadening panels are manufactured here in the USA, making them the trusted choice for many top professional builders within the aftermarket automotive industry.

Easy Installation

Installing our sound deadening mat is a breeze. The self-adhesive closed cell foam material is easy to cut and 100% waterproof. Simply peel off the backing and apply it to the desired area. It’s quick and hassle-free!

Fits Anywhere

Our Vibro Insulator Foam is 6mm or ¼” thick, making it perfect for fitting in tight spaces. It comes with a self-adhesive backing with German-made glue and scrim reinforcement. Whether you want to soundproof your door boards, interior plastics, or even your garage door, our sound deadening material has got you covered.

Great Experience

Experience a whole new level of sound insulation with Vibro. Our closed cell foam can be installed on top of any Butyl dampening material, increasing the audio and vibration insulation within your vehicle. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and vibrations!

Multiple Purposes

While our Vibro sound insulation panels were designed for cars, they have multiple purposes. They can also be used as a sound barrier in your home office or as a solution for noisy neighbors. Enjoy peace and quiet wherever you are!

Key Features:

  • 6mm or ¼” thick sound insulator
  • Prevents rattling of plastic parts and trim
  • Blocks noise from outside
  • Improves sound quality in speakers and bass enclosures
  • Easy to install with self-adhesive backing
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fits anywhere in your vehicle
  • Manufactured in the USA with premium quality materials

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I use this sound deadening mat behind speakers?
  2. Yes, our sound deadening material can be used behind speakers to improve sound quality and reduce vibrations.

  3. Is this product suitable for garage door insulation?
  4. Absolutely! Our sound deadening mat works great as garage door insulation, reducing noise and vibrations.

  5. Can I use this in my home office to block noise from outside?
  6. Yes, our sound insulation panels can be used as a sound barrier in your home office, providing a quieter working environment.


Upgrade your car’s sound system and reduce unwanted noise with Vibro Sound Deadener for Cars. Our premium quality sound deadening material is easy to install, fits anywhere in your vehicle, and provides excellent sound insulation. Made in the USA, it is the top choice for professional builders in the automotive industry. Don’t let noise ruin your driving experience, choose Vibro today!